Today's DateSeptember 25, 2022

The Power of Turmeric

Perfect silence! perfect silence!
There’s a message for the world!
Tell it to everyone that cares,
The slave should tell his master,
The sight of an elephant is too big to ignore
I have seen the gold of farmers!
I’m told not to call it the gold of farmers,
Then I ask the question what else should it be called?
It is known to be the king of all spices,
He is small but mighty, adorns itself with beauty, Her whole being is made of healing
As the oasis belongs to the desert, so healing belongs to the gold of farmers,
Without the thumb the hands becomes ugly,
Without the ear the head looks like a toolbox,
Without the gold of farmers, curry will not be the jolly in Nigerian Jollof rice,
In the cosmetics world, it’s the main ingredient for most beauty products,
In the medical and pharmaceutical world, it’s the secret formula for making all kind of drugs,
Listen ladies and gentlemen,
The gold of farmers is too heavy for ordinary words,
He entered into the house of migraine and sent it packing,
He collided with rheumatism and became wellness,
It clears diarrhea on its way coming,
When a lion roars the meerkat holds its peace in the tunnel,
What is kidney disease where the gold of farmers is present?
We hail you, we adore you, we commend your good works!
Are you still wondering who am talking about?
He who knows him, knows the cure to cancer
He is known by some but still unknown by many,
He spent 9 months in mother earth like a baby spends in her mother’s womb,
Let me tell you about him once and for all to clear all the confusion,
Listen carefully to what am about to say,
I’m talking about the king of spices the one that heals a thousand of sicknesses
Turmeric has come, the cure for all that ails you.

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